river soap company all natural soap using only natural essential oils & botanicals. Vegetarian & vegan friendly.

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I’m allergic to everything perfumed, and most things that say “sensitive skin”. I tried your soap on a whim from my favorite store (Nugget Market) and have successfully gone through all of the scents with no problems! Not only that, my whole family loves them! It may be the only product that we all agree on. So at any given time, there are 2 bars of your soap in our shower, with our favorites being Citrus and Sandalwood. Thank you for a product that is all around amazing!
— Arlene
I love your ocean mist soap! It is the only one of your soaps I have tried so far. I’m on my third bar. I think your soap is the first soap that hasn’t hurt my skin. I can use it anywhere on my body! I just bought the lavender as a gift for my mom, and smelling it has me wanting one of my own. Might have to try that one next... :) Thank you!
— Jennifer

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Heck no, we don't use microbeads.

November 23, 2015

 California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislationrequiring the phase outof microscopic exfoliating beadsaka microbeads in personal care products sold in the state starting in 2020.

The tiny plastic beads found in soap, toothpaste and body washes are so small that they are showing up in the bodies of fish and other wildlife after passing through water filtration systems without disintegrating.

“AB888 was carefully crafted to avoid any loopholes that would allow for use of potentially harmful substitutes,”  “This legislation ensures that personal care products will be formulated with environmentally-safe alternatives to protect our waterways and oceans.”

Good news but why wait 5 years let's start phasing out NOW!