river soap company all natural soap using only natural essential oils & botanicals. Vegetarian & vegan friendly.

River Soap is NOW available at : Pharmaca Laguna Hills, Lassen's Thousand Oaks, CA,   Natural Grocers Fayetteville AR, HEB San Felipe Houston TX, Market of Choice Beaverton OR, Market Street  Albeline, TX


Find River Soap at: Market Street QFC, HEB,Central Market, Vitamin Cottages, Treasure Island,  Natural Grocers , drugstore.com, amazon.com  & lots more. 

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Just discovered your soap in Corpus Christ, Texas! Love Woodland! Left my skin soft, but not filmy.
— Missy
Thank you! All I can say is *Thank You* and please continue to do what you do! I have very dry and sensitive skin. I found your soap at my local Sprouts store in Eastlake (Chula Vista, CA). My skin is sensitive and dry. I have tried a lot of products and yours is the best.
I love the scent, the fact that my body gets clean and my skin is hydrated. I love that you use essential oils with no chemicals and your containers are biodegradable and recyclable. Thank you for your hard work and care :)
— Julie

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