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I love your ocean mist soap! It is the only one of your soaps I have tried so far. I’m on my third bar. I think your soap is the first soap that hasn’t hurt my skin. I can use it anywhere on my body! I just bought the lavender as a gift for my mom, and smelling it has me wanting one of my own. Might have to try that one next... :) Thank you!
— Jennifer
I purchased a bar of your Lime Soap and I just like to advise you that it smells wonderful and is very smooth as well and does not hurt my skin in any way. I purchased it as a sample from Wild By Nature in Huntington NY while visiting. I immediately looked up your website and can’t wait to purchase my next bar of your wonderful soap!
— Phyllis

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How to keep lettuce fresher longer

May 7, 2015

First ALWAYS remove  the metal or plastic band that goes around your lettuce.

If the lettuce at the store is super wet.   SHAKE IT OUT before you put in your plastic bag.

Wet lettuce is soggy lettuce!

When you get your lettuce home, be sure to spin it, shake it or leave on the counter on top of tea towels to dry out.

Did we mention: Wet lettuce is soggy lettuce?

Once the lettuce is fairly dry, take a slightly, barely damp tea towel or paper towel, wrap the lettuce burrito style & place in a plastic bag, try to get as much air out as possible then use that metal band to seal the bag.

Fresh lettuce stored this way keeps up to 10 days!