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I picked up a few bars of your Ocean Mist soap while on vacation some time ago, and I love it. I especially like the fact that it seems to be very gentle on my skin and doesn’t seem to dry it out, even on those rare occasions when I use it on my face.
— Sylvia
I first discovered your soap at Whole Foods when I lived in Austin TX many years ago. I have bought no soap other than yours since then. I love the aroma and the fact that it treats my body well. You should be proud of offering such great soap.
— Andrew
Okay, I don’t normally leave reviews but I just bought the sweet citrus bar, and let me tell you... I FELT LIKE I HAD BECOME THE WORLD’S MOST LUXURIOUS CUP OF TEA. The smell is absolutely amazing and actually lingers for a bit after using it, and not at all in a bad way. I want everything in my house to smell like this. I would sleep next to this bar of soap if I wasn’t certain I would get it in my eyes. I walk into the bathroom just to sniff it. And omg it doesn’t stop there... it exfoliates! And not in an irritating way either. Also, the ingredients are so wholesome. Woot.
— Emily
My life has changed once I discovered the River Soap Vanilla Lip Balm!!! This is the only lip balm that protects me from cold sore flare ups and that makes me so happy and much more confident!! It is moisturizing and the flavor is not overbearing. It is the perfect mix! I have these lip balms stashed everywhere! Now, I need to try the soaps. :)
— Rachel
Dear Riversoap Folks. After years of experimenting I tried your soap. I quit using liquid shower products a looong time ago; expensive and drying. Your lovely flavored soaps don’t dry my skin, lather well, last & smell great. It’s been several years & I remain a faithful customer.
— Belinda
I wanted you to know that we have been using your soap exclusively for about the last year. It is absolutely wonderful! Our favorite flavors are “Lime” and “Woodland.”
Thanks so much!
— Beth
I have always used Ayurvedic soaps made in India though I live here in the US. After 50 years of being here, I have finally found and used recently, a soap that is made in California, that is kind to my skin, has a fragrance that is sublime. Your hemp oil body bar is IT for me.
Wish you all the best in what you are producing, that is kind to the environment and to the body. Thank you.
— vasanti
A good friend gave me a bar of your Lavender soap. It is the best soap ever. I am so impressed with the clean, natural ingredients. And it is biodegradable and cruelty free. Yeah! Indulgence without guilt!
Now I have put in a purchase to try out some of your other soap fragrances.
— Sandy K.
I am something of a soap connoisseur, and your soap is the BEST. I love the subtle, natural non-perfumey scent (my favorite is the citrus.) It’s not drying, but it also doesn’t leave a slimy residue on your skin that you need to keep scrubbing to try to get off — a problem with over-emollient soaps, and it seems like they are all trying to out-emollient each other right now. Yours strikes the perfect balance. I love too that the soap doesn’t fall apart. It lathers right up, keeps its shape, and dries right up after use. Everything about it is perfect. I’m stocking up.
— Linda H
Olá! Moro em São Paulo, Brasil! amo os sabonetes de vocês!! Tem aqui no Brasil??
Hello! I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil! I love your soaps !! Are you here in Brazil ?
— — Monica
LOVE your Lime Soap, perfect clean fresh citrus smell and it lathers so nicely, Thank You!
— Valarie A.
Best soap EVER! My favorite is garden mint!
— Lisa N.
Hi, Have been using several of your soaps, my favorite being Ocean Mist. Recently purchased a case through Briar Patch Co-OP in Grass Valley. I also like Sandalwood and Woodland.
Do you have an essential oil blend of lemon grass, rosemary, and patchouli [used in the Ocean Mist soap] for sale?
I was thinking that it would be great to put some in a vaporizer and just have it fill the house with the same smell as the Ocean Mist soap.
— Ben
Got your soaps as a gift and I am now in love. Patchouli is my fav!!!!
— Amanda
I love your soaps. I always find my self trying one of your soaps I have never tried before and when I do try it, it’s just amazing. My favorite is Woodland in the winter it gives my skin all the moisture it needs to survive the cold . Ocean Mist is also my favorite . Now I just ordered Avocado & looking forward to this luxury of wonderfulness.
— Kurt
I bought my first bar of your Lime soap at a gift shop in Ocracoke, NC while on vacation six years ago. After using it, I looked for your website on the wrapper and have been ordering ever since. It is long-lasting, contains glycerin and never leaves a film on anything. Best of all, it smells so good that you are almost tempted to take a bite out of it. I have also tried and loved your other scents, but lime is still my favorite. My friends rave about your soap when I give it as a gift. Great product!!
— Glenn
I first tried your lavender soap after finding it in a Natural Grocer store in Denton, TX. I loved it! The scent, the bits of lavender, the softness, the lather, how long it lasts——all are just perfect. Now I’ve branched out: Ocean Mist, Citrus and Mint are my new purchases—luxuries I call them—-and they are just as wonderful!
— Debbie
I have been using “special” soap all my life. I have tried several of your soaps and they are all outstanding and the the best ever. My true test is to wash my face and your soap never gives my skin that tight feeling. I love the rich creamy lather. It is a luxury every time I use it.
— Victoria
Absolutely LOVE Ocean Mist! It smells amazing! :)
— Maria
LOVE your patchouli soap!!! I used to wear a perfume when I was younger, and your soap is THE closest I’ve come to how it smelled. Now if I could only find this in a perfume... My daughter took me into an organic food store, and I was so happy to find this!!! :) Two thumbs
— Mary
I LOVE your Woodland soap. Even my boyfriend has asked me to buy more instead of our usual brand which he used to love. He has been with me for 26 years, so this sudden brand change is significant. Who knows what other new scents we may try! : )
— Elizabeth
My girlfriend and I love your soap!
— Allen
purrrrfection in a (non chocolate) bar !!! I have sensitive skin, and this soap is cleansing and fragrant w/o being over powering or harsh in any way.
I love the Woodland best ... the smell, the color the feeling ... awww .... followed closely by lavender ... it’s such a relaxing, healing smell.
I’m also a fan of the OceanMist. Everyone is getting some in their stockings and I tell everyone I know about your soaps. :-)
— Jamie
I’m allergic to everything perfumed, and most things that say “sensitive skin”. I tried your soap on a whim from my favorite store (Nugget Market) and have successfully gone through all of the scents with no problems! Not only that, my whole family loves them! It may be the only product that we all agree on. So at any given time, there are 2 bars of your soap in our shower, with our favorites being Citrus and Sandalwood. Thank you for a product that is all around amazing!
— Arlene
I love your ocean mist soap! It is the only one of your soaps I have tried so far. I’m on my third bar. I think your soap is the first soap that hasn’t hurt my skin. I can use it anywhere on my body! I just bought the lavender as a gift for my mom, and smelling it has me wanting one of my own. Might have to try that one next... :) Thank you!
— Jennifer
I purchased a bar of your Lime Soap and I just like to advise you that it smells wonderful and is very smooth as well and does not hurt my skin in any way. I purchased it as a sample from Wild By Nature in Huntington NY while visiting. I immediately looked up your website and can’t wait to purchase my next bar of your wonderful soap!
— Phyllis
Just purchased my THIRD bar of your Sandalwood body bar! It is SO nice to use...I love the slight scent and it lathers wonderfully!
— M.L
Just discovered your soap in Corpus Christ, Texas! Love Woodland! Left my skin soft, but not filmy.
— Missy
Thank you! All I can say is *Thank You* and please continue to do what you do! I have very dry and sensitive skin. I found your soap at my local Sprouts store in Eastlake (Chula Vista, CA). My skin is sensitive and dry. I have tried a lot of products and yours is the best.
I love the scent, the fact that my body gets clean and my skin is hydrated. I love that you use essential oils with no chemicals and your containers are biodegradable and recyclable. Thank you for your hard work and care :)
— Julie
well, another year, and another year of the WORLD’S BEST SOAP !!!! thank you Harvey and Ladies, for doing what you do, THE BEST !
— John
I am a devoted Vetiver user, and my husband prefers Woodland. Together, we smell great and our skin is well looked after! :)
— K S-M
Our family has been using your Woodland soap for years. One of our family members has extremely sensitive skin and we find that your Woodland not only works for her, but is soothing to her skin as well. The whole family LOVES it. But for her it has been a literal God Send. Thank you so much for such an incredible product
— Kim
I love all your soaps; have been using them for years. My very favorite is the Laurel one. It is the perfect soap for the shower, smells great on me and my man! However, it has gotten harder and harder to find at Whole Foods, Mollie Stones or Gathering Thyme, the three places I can remember buying it. So that’s why I’m here, to stock up on soap!
— Autumn

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Thanks for your response to my vetiver query. Yes, you are correct, my reference point was the old packaging of your vetiver soap versus the newly packaged vetiver soap. Somehow I perceived a stronger vetiver scent in the old packaging but you straightened me out. Your soaps are great, particularly citrus, lime and laurel. You might add a little more vetiver oil or grass to your vetiver soap. I shall continue to buy all of them.
— Sam
Your patchouli bar is the best soap EVER. Ive bought tons of
others but always come back to yours. Perfect smell, lovely soap. been using it for years now. Thanks !
— Tanya
We LOVE River Soap and have been using it for years. The scent lasts through the entire bar of soap without being overpowering. With sensitive skin, I never know what I can use, but I know I can count on River Soaps to be gentle and not irritate my skin. They are more expensive than store bought, but well worth it. They give a great deal with the buy 12 get 1 free and we order a year of soap all at once, which also gives a shipping break! Wonderful service model! The company ships quickly, so even when I had to wait until the last bar one year while we moved, we never ran out of soap! I recommend this company every chance I get!
— Stephanie
I just bought your sweet citrus body bar—I Love it! It is enlivening, rinses off easily, and leaves me feeling refreshed!
— Katy
I recently discovered your soap(s). I absolutely LOVE your Sandalwood body bar. Just bought a 2nd bar; I’m going to try several others such as Woodland! Keep on soapin’ !!!
— Mary L
I just purchased a bar of your Patchouli soap - OH I love the smell, and it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry. I look forward to trying some of your other soaps!
— Lynda
As a long time user of your soaps, I can only say, they are the BEST I have ever tried.
— John
Woodland is my “go to” soap. No other soap smells as good or treats my skin as nice. Thank you for such a great fragrance and a great moisturizing soap.
— David
I have been using vegan bar soaps for a couple of years now and just discovered River Soap Ocean Mist. I love it and may try others you have, but Ocean Mist is so heavenly I don’t know if I will! My husband is even tempted to use it (he’s a dedicated liquid soaper) but is never the less enjoying the wonderful scent it creates in our entire bathroom & on me!
— Tina
I just love your soap! I love the Ocean Mist, it is refreshing and it smells so good. I also love the color of the soap. I look forward to using it every night to shower!!!
— Sharon
A friend sent me some small sample sizes of a few of your soaps, and ever since I used them I have not been able to get them out of my head. They have the best smell!
— Dorothy
This is the ONLY soap I will use, PERIOD! So happy to have found this soap. I have now been using it for many years. THANKS, RIVER SOAP!
— Joel
I purchased an Exotic Patchouli body bar at Whole Foods in Portland OR during a vacation trip from my home in Victoria British Columbia Canada. I have very dry skin and this bar is the best soap I’ve ever used to ameliorate that condition. Is your soap available in Canada? If not, do you ship into Canada if I ordered from you on line? Thanks so much.
— Barry
I LOVE your soap. You have done a stellar job and I now use your soap exclusively. I live in Guatemala in a Mayan village most of the year and it is amazing how using this soap transports me out of the sometimes hard and exhausting environment of a developing nation and rejuvenates me again. Sounds a bit silly to say but it is true. I think it is because somehow you have made your soaps nurturing to the body and soul.

I have a super sensitive nose and though I have been drawn to some soap fragrance in the package, once opened, it is a different story and I cannot count the number of soaps I just had to throw away. Or, they smell ok for a while then lose their scent. Even down to the last nib, the wonderful scent remains in your soap. And they last incredibly long. I was hesitant to purchase another glycerin soap as they are so messy. I got a pleasant surprise when your soap never produced any ‘goo!’

I have only used the lime (heavenly) but plan to try more after reading the other comments. It has been to Guatemala and Australia with me and will soon go to Indonesia and New Zealand too as I can’t imagine using other soaps now as long as I can buy yours. Thank you for a perfect product.
— Chelsea
First used your soap at a friends place on vacation in Santa Cruz and brought some home for my friends in NYC. NOW everyone loves the smell and I feel like I’m on vacation in Cali everytime I shower. It smells super and makes my skin feel great!
— Glenn
Like all other commenters, I LOVE your soap. It reminds me of the homemade soap I used to make back in the 60’s & 70’s. I just wanted to comment that your “smell here...” hole is the best idea ever. Not only is it great for smelling but makes the soap last a little longer from getting air. If other soaps had that sniffing hole, they probably wouldn’t sell! Keep up the good work.
— Marykay
The Woodland soap is the only soap that not only doesn’t irritate my eczema, but actually helps to take it away! It is, also, the only soap I’ve tried that doesn’t cause me to get acne. My face is so clear when I use Woodland. Love it!! Thanks!
— Christina
The milk n honey, patchouli, citrus, sandalwood, etc. are all excellent soaps! Really creamy and they lather great! Also great for your skin too!
— Nadia
Thank you, River Soap Co.! My wife bought a bar of Ocean Mist and left it in our shower ahile back. (I haven’t shaved at a bathroom sink with shaving cream for over 30 years.) I used it to soften my facial skin and proceeded with my regular shower shave with a hand-held mirror. Wow! Your soap made my shave a pure joy! Smooth shave and no irritation after. I probably won’t use anything else ever. We just picked up several more bars today at Natural Grocers in Wichita, KS. One other plus, is it has a great, manly scent! Thank you!
— Paul
My daughter bought me the lavender soap for a birthday gift about six years ago and I have been using it ever since. I can not find it in Iowa so have been ordering it online. Have compliments on my skin all the time. I love, love, love it.
— Judy
This is the best soap I’ve ever used, keep up the great work - love your soap.
— Travis
Your soap is the best artisanal soap in the US...better that Fr(ance) & It(aly) imports as well...My favorites: Vetiver, Lime, Citrus...Buy them @ Treasure Island grocer, Chicago...Thanks.
— S C
Hello. I really love your Woodland soap. As well as using it for myself, it is an amazing soap for my dog, she smells so good for so long after using it along with her regular shampoo! However, we have discovered that she has a soy allergy and have had to change her food, medications, etc. Everything was going well until after her last bath and the itching and rash and chewing etc all returned. Does your Woodland soap have any soy in it? Going through all of this with her I am learning that many things contain soy including “Tocopheryl (vitamin E)” so it made me wonder about your oils in your soap. I will discontinue using your wonderful soap on her until I hear back from you. Thank you so much. I will continue to use and enjoy your amazingly wonderful soap for myself though. :)
— Vina

Vina- None of our soaps contains soy nor tocopheryl.  I have heard of many pet owners who wash their pets with our Woodland. Not only does it make their dogs smell great, but some are convinced that it works as a bug repellent. However, if your dog seems to be having a reaction, I would certainly recommend discontinuing use. - All the best, Eve

My daughter bought me the hemp soap for Christmas last year, and I’ve been smitten with your soaps ever since. I’ve tried several different scents, but my favorite...oh, boy!!, is all of them. Really, thought it’s the Laurel scented bar. It’s a wonderful!! Sincerely,
— Connie
I love your patchouli soap. After we use it taking a shower, our whole house takes on the fragrance of patchouli. I keep a bar of it in my car and it makes my car smell great. Please don’t quit producing it. Thanks,
— Dena
Honestly, it ( vetiver ) is the most grounding bath soap I have ever used. I’m remembering the day I first heard the word Vetiver. It was in a CSHS class on Body Systems and Herbal Wellness. The aroma therapist who was speaking, heaped mounds of praise upon Vetiver, saying how grounding it was for her personally. The word Vetiver remained just that for a few years as I continued to learn about herbs and herbal medicine. Finally, one day, I purchased a bar of River Soap’s Vetiver. Ever since that first bar; I’ve been enjoying it regularly. Many thanks to River Soap Co. for offering the Vetiver soap. I’m deeply grateful to River Soap Company and all of the people who make River Soap happen.
— John
Everyone at River Soap Co.

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much your soaps have help me and my sensitive skin. I am turning 50 this year and I’ve noticed over the past 10 years or so my skin is becoming more and more sensitive to commercial soaps. My skin was becoming dry and itchy, even after using moisturizing soaps and lotions. After visiting my dermatologist he recommend using a well known moisturizing soap that was unscented I still had the same, dry and itchy skin. I also love the smell of soaps, so I was not happy. A few years ago I purchased a few bars of natural soaps from my local health food store to try them to see if they would work. The only one that worked was yours. I have been using the patchouli and woodland soap faithfully and I have not had any problems. I am hooked and a faithful follower. I purchase your soap from a wonderful little shop in Noe Valley called Common Scents and normally buy a dozen at a time. Well we all know how summer gets real busy for everyone and I ran out. In a pinch I ran to my local drug store and picked up some other soap and the day after I noticed the difference. I actually took the day off and made a special trip into San Francisco to buy another case of soap. I almost came tot he conclusion that I would spend the rest of my life with dry itchy skin with I scoured the market for a soap that helped. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!
— Michael
Hi Becky!
I just wanted to thank you for such a thoughtful response. Your explanation of the materials was so interesting. Of course, we are all just drawn to what we think something is made out of. The new wrapper looks great - much more ‘you!’

I have always been so thrilled with all of your soaps (very important to all of us sensitive types) so I shouldn’t be surprised that your customer service is fabulous as well. Thanks again for the reply and making me feel like I’m a valued consumer!

Wishing you all continued success,
— Jamie
I LOVE your patchouli soap! I am an avid user and have even turned my boyfriend on to it :) It’s the only soap I use... I swear by it. I went to Whole Foods and they were out of yours so I picked up another one to hold me over. I ended up throwing that one away and going across town to the other Whole Foods to pick up yours :) Please don’t get rid of it! I will be heartbroken. :) Peace love and river soap. :)
— Chelsea M.
Love your soap, our water is well water, hard water and what a nice lather. Thanks.
— Charlie
I read most of the comments on your website and must now add mine. My husband and I have been purchasing your soaps from Central Market in Austin for quite some time and think they are simply the best ever! We prefer Woodland with hemp seed oil but have also used ocean Mist and Sandalwood. The richness, the softness, and the very pleasant scent of all of them keep us coming back for more. Keep doing what you are doing. You are helping the environment, protecting the animals and making lots of humans very happy!
— Judy
I want to express to you a tearful thank you! The skin on my face has suffered decades of abuse, severe sunburn, chemical damage, and spots of dry skin that simply will not go away without very specific nutrients that cannot be found in a city. I used your lavender soap on my face last night, and when I got out of the bath I noticed that some of the dry spots on my face had turned soft. By morning the worst dry patches on my face were gone, replaced by light red healing skin. My face is soft again, and only a couple small spots of dryness remain. My wife also immediately noticed the improvement. I am anxious to see how my skin looks after using your soap for a few weeks! Thank you thank you thank you! You are giving the public a top quality product, and we sincerely do appreciate all of you at River Soap Company!
— Larry
Thank you for wonderful products! my sensitive skin and husband are happy between the lavender, lime and sweet citrus soaps. this is the best. how about a recurring option for ordering then i’d never run out!!
— Kyra
I was in Italy in April and had the greatest time, all made possible in part because I took a bar of your Woodland soap with us and used it instead of the soaps they had in the hotels. It was a wonderful fragrance that reminded me of home. So now your soaps have been to Italy!
— Rick
Thank you! we love the soaps - they are the best!!
— Amir
I too have to say I LOVE YOUR SOAP! I was shopping in Moonflower Market here in Moab, UT and came across it. I buy a bar every time I’m in there. Love the new Lime Scent. It is so fresh and clean and does not dry my skin out line most soaps. THANK YOU so much!
— Diane
Dear Harvey,
I wanted to tell all of you at River Soap Company how impressed I am with your product. I bought a bar of your lavender soap at Whole Foods in Tulsa because I was looking for a pleasant-smelling bar soap that would uplift my spirits. I also have a toddler, and bar soaps are easier to use and less messy than the liquid soaps we’ve used ‘til now. I confess I didn’t expect much from a vegetable soap product, but this is the nicest soap I’ve ever used. The lather is rich but not overwhelming, and my hands feel so soft after every use. The scent is everything I could wish for, and the bar is not disintegrating, even though it’s not able to properly drain after every use. I congratulate you on an excellent product. I will certainly buy more of your soaps!
— Rebecca, Tulsa, OK
I read most of the comments on your website and must now add mine. My husband and I have been purchasing your soaps from Central Market in Austin for quite some time and think they are simply the best ever! We prefer Woodland with hemp seed oil but have also used ocean Mist and Sandalwood. The richness, the softness, and the very pleasant scent of all of them keep us coming back for more. Keep doing what you are doing. You are helping the environment, protecting the animals and making lots of humans very happy!
— Judy, Sunset Valley, TX
Hi Harvey,
Thank you so much for your quick attention to my problem. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Anyway, I was able to complete my order successfully. Thanks so much! I love your soaps.
— Ilse
I just wanted to say the Woodland soap is the best-smelling soap I’ve ever had. My girlfriend even noted that simply having the bar of soap in the shower makes the whole bathroom smell great! I’m actually going to look around and see if there’s a cologne out there as well that closely matches this fragrance.
— Mark
Thanks, Eve. I wanted to let you all know that I really enjoy your soaps and believe myself to now be a life long customer. Thank you for doing what it is you do.
— John B
This past Christmas the one I love gave me a box of assorted River Soap bars. The first one I started using was Mountain Laurel, and I have to say this is my new favorite soap ever. So often when I’ve tried soaps in the past, my sensitive skin breaks out in a rash, but your soap has been a godsend. It’s gentle, cleansing, and it’s fragrance has a soothing effect that makes me really look forward to my next shower. I can’t thank you enough!
— David B., Atlanta , GA
I just found your soap. I bought the woodland with hemp seed oil and I love it! I washed my children’s dreads and mine and our bodies with it. The smell was everything I want in a soap, healing, herbalicious and just perfect. I hope that you can put hemp seed oil in more of your soaps. I will be ordering from you for sure in the near future. I only got the one soap at the local market of Choice in Eugene,Oregon and I plan to get more soon. I hope to get enough to fill my bathroom with the scent. Take good care and keep up the good work.
The woodland soap is the best. I bought it for my husband, but he couldn’t use it (eczema), so I used it and am so glad I did!! I bought it before we moved and was so afraid that I would have to order it over the miles, but I found it sold here locally!! It is the best. I have never found a soap with such a long lasting scent. It has a manly, earthy smell and I absolutely love it and buy it as long as you make it!! Thanks.
— Krista
Hi Riversoap,
I purchased your soap on Okrakoke Island and will use nothing else. Your scents are wonderful. Your soap is the best I have ever used. The scents bring me back to nature every time I use them. Please, please make us a body spray. Please. Thank you for a superior product.
— Elaine
Today I decided to purchase a type of soap I have never used before and there were quite a few competitors to chose from at Whole Foods here in Houston TX. Your soap grabbed my attention and I bought 1 bar of the milk and honey with no scent. This soap is AWESOME, FANTASTIC, CREAMY, RICHY AND JUST DAMN GOOD! I have to go back and purchase more bars. If you have a testimonial section by all means add me to it so I can tell the world! BRAVO!
I have never been able to use a bar soap on my face; always too drying. BUT... I’ve been using the milk and honey bar soap for months now and love it. (just ordered more since I can’t find it where I live). Thank you so much for having such wonderful products. I can’t imagine my daily routine without it.
— Ann M.
Your soaps are simply amazing. I went out and bought several suction cup soap holders for my shower just so I can keep more of your soaps in my shower and use a different one every day. My favorite scents are mountain laurel, woodlands, and ocean mist but they are all fantastic!
— Steve, Houston, TX
Good morning.
I just wanted to let you know we love your soaps. I purchased 3 - Citrus, Ocean Mist and Lavender. They smell fabulous in the bathroom and are so moisturizing to use in the shower no one wants to leave. I can’t wait to purchase additional fragrances/botanicals. Keep up the great job and keep those scents coming!
— Bev, Monroe, CT
Just bought a bar of your soap to try something new. I absolutely love it and will never use another bar soap again. Thank you so much for your awesome products that are produced with responsibility and integrity!
— Scott
Thank you! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your soaps!
— Pam D.