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Homeopathy: We tried it and it worked for us.

I know that there is much dispute over the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, and I too, was a bit skeptical when other mothers were taking their children to homeopathic practioners for chronic ear infections and the like. However, with my own son, his anxiety at the beginning of 3rd grade was just too much. His pediatrician easily shrugged it off so we took the plunge and went to the local homeopath, 2 hours and $225 later we went home with a remedy. To our relief it was truly effective, my son become his calm self again and was able to do his school work without the earlier tears and frustration. What really surprised me, was when the homeopath changed his remedy, my calm, thoughtful child became easily angered and anxious even his teacher called and asked what was up. The homeopath quickly changed his remedy and he was back to himself again. Obviously homeopathic remedies had a strong effect on my son, I understand that his is not the case for everyone but it certainly worked for us.

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