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Another reason to buy organic: the Bees!

According to Earth Justice nearly 1/3 of all bees in the US have died in just the last few years. Honey bees pollinate 1/3 of all the food we eat. One be culprit is pesticides specifically neonicotinoid or neonics for short..  These pesticides are used as soil treatment and therefore remain in the soil for years allowing plants to continually soak  up these neonics. Although the amount in the plant itself is very small, the repeated exposure to neonics through out the bees life adds up and has led scientist to believe that these pesticides are aiding to the death rates of bees.  The European Union has gone so far as to ban all neonicotinoid pesticides and Earth Justice has started litigation to get the pesticide sulfoxaflor off the market, due to threats it poses to honeybees.