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BP-A, BP-S, BP X-Y & Z Oh my......

BPA Free might just mean BPS as manufacturers are simply substituting one bad BP or an even worse one. It's now time to let the manufacturers know that "We are made as hell and won''t take it any longer" .


- hard plastic sports bottles

- plastic food storage containers

- food wrap

- hard and flexible packaging

- deli containers

- plastic bags

- baby bottle components (nipple, ring, liner, etc)

- plastic dinnerware and plates

- non-stick cookware

- plastic cleaning products

- thermal receipt paper

- canned food and drink

- tissue paper and toilet paper


- stainless steel water bottles

- ceramic plates and dishes

- unbleached wax paper

- anything made from wool, cotton, hemp or plastic-free, biodegradable fibers

- plastic-free cleaning products, such as baking soda, vinegar and essential oils

- stainless steel or cast iron cookware

- glass blender

- wire salad spinner

- stainless steel ice-cube tray

- natural rubber gloves

- recycled, individually-wrapped toilet paper

- bar soap

- handkerchief