river soap company all natural soap using only natural essential oils & botanicals. Vegetarian & vegan friendly.

 New River Soap merchants :   

Safeway Fortuna, CA Market Street, Frisco, TX Lassen's Goleta, CA Natural Grocer's Granbury, TX  Gus's Market San Francisco Randalls Lakeway TX

Find us at these fine stores:    The Fresh Market, QFC, Central Market, Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers , Market Street, Albertsons NM amazon.com, Safeway Nor Cal, & lots more. 

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A good friend gave me a bar of your Lavender soap. It is the best soap ever. I am so impressed with the clean, natural ingredients. And it is biodegradable and cruelty free. Yeah! Indulgence without guilt!
Now I have put in a purchase to try out some of your other soap fragrances.
— Sandy K.
I am something of a soap connoisseur, and your soap is the BEST. I love the subtle, natural non-perfumey scent (my favorite is the citrus.) It’s not drying, but it also doesn’t leave a slimy residue on your skin that you need to keep scrubbing to try to get off — a problem with over-emollient soaps, and it seems like they are all trying to out-emollient each other right now. Yours strikes the perfect balance. I love too that the soap doesn’t fall apart. It lathers right up, keeps its shape, and dries right up after use. Everything about it is perfect. I’m stocking up.
— Linda H

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